New year, refocused

2015 begins my fifth year on a bike. There’s still a ton to do.


First off NEW TEAM!


I’ll be riding with the amazing crew of 92Fifty/Elevated Legs. I know many of these cats from riding and racing endurance events in Colorado. They’re good people and there the team, led by Jonathan Davis, embodies the sense of community I’ve yearned for. 92Fifty Cyclery is a small shop based in Gilpin County Colorado way up at, you guessed it, 9250′ above sea level. It’s more than a shop though; 92fifty is a full performance studio offering everything from organized training rides, personalized coaching, VO2 max testing and more. It’s a short drive for one of the most personal experiences you’re likely to ever get.



Elevated Legs offers pneumatic compression systems which provide a convenient, easy way for you to recover more quickly and effectively in order to get the most out of your next training session. You can learn more about the benefits of compression on their site, order your own set, or find the Elevated Legs tent at an event near you to try out the system.

Renewed focus

One of the great things about cycling is that there are so many different aspects to try. In 2015 I’ll bring my focus back to more traditional endurance events. I did enjoy the park riding and love some technical trails, but honestly I sort of suck at enduro. Having fun is winning so it’s all good. Unfortunately most of the enduro races in 2015 are in familiar places and there are just so many new trails I want to explore! I’ll still spend quite a few days riding the lifts and some more all-mountain riding, but the races I’m looking at will focus on new locations. Here are a couple highlights:

Sedona BFL – I’ve been wanting to ride in Sedona for a long time. Once I saw that this year’s event coincides with my 40th birthday I couldn’t say no.

Durango Gravel Grinder – It’s been a while since I’ve done a gravel event and wanted to add one to the mix. Early season is perfect as there’s plenty of gravel crushed over the winter training miles.

Gunnison Growler – This is a Colorado classic and one I haven’t done yet. It’s also supposed to have some more technical trails. Given that I haven’t ridden in Gunnison at all it should be fun.

Durango Dirty Century – Grassroots events like this are some of the most fun. while some fast folks will be out there crushing the course, there will also be plenty of folks just trying to finish. The smaller fields make these events seems more personal too. This particular course has a reputation for being both beautiful and brutal. I’m sort of excited that it scares me 🙂

Breck-Epic – Another Colorado Classic. After finally entering my first stage race last year I was hooked and wanted more. While Breckenridge is in my back yard I haven’t actually ridden half of the trails this event covers.


There’s plenty more to be had and the list will change and evolve as the season progresses. Stay tuned – there’s a chance that the Ultra Cross will finally make a comeback this year!


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