The Book

This is sort of a book. It’s a book that answers all the questions I have about training, equipment, nutrition and everything else related to endurance cycling. It’s a book I wanted to read but nobody has written yet, so I’m doing it myself. It might show up in print some day and it might not. It’ll evolve and develop over a number of years but while that happens you can get the bits and pieces on this site. That’s the short version. If you want to read the long version you can read the story of the origin of this “book”.


This book is divided into sections and articles. The sections cover various topics (e.g. Equipment) and the articles within that section go into detail on certain topics (e.g. Shoes). When you go to a section page you’ll find essentially a table of contents for that section. Some of the articles are completed and some of them are planned. This is why – at this time – most of the articles will not be linked. As the articles are written they will be linked. What you can see there now is sort of an imaginary list of the topics I’d like to see addressed.

I’ll also have specific reviews of items I’ve used. These reviews are separate from the general articles. For example, there is (or will be) and article on shoes, but I have a review of a specific shoe. Over time I may review several different shoes. You can see a list of all reviews as well as the items I’m currently testing on the Reviews page.

The Sections

  • Foundations
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Recovery
  • Equipment
  • The Mental Game
  • Appendices
  • Full index

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