The table below lists some favorite long gravel routes. The route name links to a trip report where you can find more details. In most cases you can download the GPS file from the link under the “Course” column.

Route Distance Elevation Location In Brief Course
AntiEpic Gravel Grinder 161 miles 8960 Larkspur, CO 90% gravel, 3 miles of B road, ~15 miles paved; 1 town to refuel at 1/2 way Garmin Connect
South Park Dirty Fondo 152.5 11,362 Salida, CO ~8% B road, 62% gravel, 30% paved Garmin Connect
Buckhorn fun fest 143 10,400 Fort Collins, CO ~ 39mi Paved, ~20mi MUP, ~70mi gravel/B road, ~14mi double track Garmin Connect
Swiss Miss-ive 100 10k Near Boulder, CO ~ 34m rough jeep trail, ~40m gravel, ~24 paved, 3 towns to refuel Garmin Connect
San Ysidro Dirty 104 98 San Ysidro, NM 85% gravel, 15% singletrack (the singletrack is far better with a MTB); no place to refuel without a drop Garmin Connect
Kiowa 808 80 4579 Kiowa, CO 90% gravel 10% paved
Pawnee National Grasslands West 82.5 2854 Carr, CO 90% gravel, 8% B road, 2% paved (No place to refuel)
Creekside Lite 66 4314 Franktown, CO 85% gravel, 15% paved; option to refuel in Larkspur, CO Garmin Connect
Poudre & Great Western 67.75 900 ft Windsor, CO ~25 mi bike path, ~35 mi gravel, ~5 paved, ~5 soft double track Garmin Connect
Foxton South Platte 40 2615 Foxton, CO ~15 mi easy gravel, 25 mi paved; options to refuel in Buffalo Creek and Deckers Garmin Connect


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